Written by Lungfish,
Appears on "10 East" 7" (1995, Dischord Records)


The pope the president the prime minister
Mom and dad and me
The collar the chain the electric fence
The service the mill and the paycheck
The spouse and the spy and the traitor
To toil for the purchase of some pleasure
To kill the few remaining hours
To turn your back and forget your street address
The bus and the train and the plane
The guitar and the pen and the pickaxe
The door and the lock and the key
The ape and the dog and the centipede
The nerves and the veins and the ligaments
The bureau the department and the agency
The sedan and the coupe and the wagon
Neptune and Pluto and Saturn
The pill and the gas and the therapy
The flea and the worm and the leech
The elves above the lampstand and the housefly
The torch the tablet and the archive
Delaware Michigan and Oklahoma
The heart and the hands and the feet
Purple pink and green
The lease and the contract the receipt